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Imonology was founded on the belief that virtual worlds and remote interactive environments will become an important media for people to learn, work, socialize, and play.

It is also our belief that technology and humanity are both important in advancing societies such that we aspire to develop products and services with an organic and humanistic approach, under a respectful and supportive work environment.

We have adopted some practices still rare, but may become common with time. For example, we believe in remote teamwork, such that talents around the world can collaborate on great projects, while cutting transport time or forced migrations. Projects and teams could also form and grow dynamically and organically. We have been working at home since day 1, while holding in-person “Monthly Gathering” to discuss “important but not urgent matters”. There is also a 20% time study policy, where every Friday is a “study day” which each member can utilize freely.

Our team has previous experiences in IT infrastructure management, cryptography and real-time spatial simulation research. Our team works distributedly and is aspired to make the world better.

Shun-Yun Hu, Co-founder [LinkedIn]
Shun-Yun has been doing research in scalable virtual environments using peer-to-peer (P2P) techniques since 2003, and has published his works as both research papers and free software projects (VAST, ASCEND, and Scalra). After adventuring in Sierra games at 7 and Ultima VII later, Shun-Yun has since been fascinated by the possibilities of games and virtual worlds, and co-founded Imonology in 2010 to make virtual world creation easier and more affordable. Shun-Yun is also a vegetarian marathoner and has a Ph.D degree in computer science from National Central University.


Matthew Lien (BlueT), Co-founder [LinkedIn]
Matthew is a self-taught Perl hacker and open source advocate. He likes to explore boundaries of technologies and see what interesting applications may come out. He has worked in the IT industry since 17 and is the founder of the Taiwanese Ubuntu Linux user community. He has past experiences in managing data centers in central Taiwan and other SouthEastern countries with over hundreds of machines. As someone who took an untraditional educational and career path, he finds the gap between young IT talent training and industry needs painful to watch, and thus is also keen at IT talent development and education.



Board Members

Aether Chang, Founder (QiwuGames)
Aether is an experienced network and game server developer since joining the industry in 2008, and is one of the rare types who speaks to both game designers and developers, often able to ease communication and collaboration tensions. Aether has been a game enthusiast since teenage and has played all kinds of different games. He founded QiwuGames in 2015 to create the ultimate simulation game where each person can live through others’ lives multiple times, learning from their mistakes, and therefore grow better as a person.


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